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Core Values

Team Play and Collaboration   

Agility and Honesty

Research Excellence and Quality

Current Members

Kyubyung Kang
Assistant Professor

Interest: BIM, Digital Twin, Construction
Kyu Kang, an assistant professor of construction management technology, is a detail-oriented researcher and humble educator who leads by example. Prior to Purdue, he was an assistant professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Kang’s research interests include developing intelligent ways to operate and maintain infrastructure, facilities, and assets through the digital twin of the built environment.

Jinwoong Lee
PhD Student

Interest: 3D modeling, Computer vision, cyber-physical system, digital twin, smart building
Jinwoong Lee is a Ph.D. Student in Construction Management Technology at Purdue University. He obtained a Master’s degree in Civil engineering at West Virginia University. He has been involved in a WVDOT project related to Intelligent Transportation System and Smart Road while pursuing his Master’s degree. He has conducted research in the area of construction engineering, construction management, facility management, project management decision-making, risk management, and constructability management.

Greeshma A.S.
PhD Student

Interest: Digital construction, BIM, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Construction Management
Reliable team member with a personable nature and positive communication style, maintains professional boundaries while building lasting relationships. Committed to continuous learning and professional development, with a genuine interest to improve my knowledge in construction automation, BIM and computer vision techniques as well as to contributing something essential from my side to the AEC industry and the society.

Jinwu Xiao
PhD Student

Interest: CV and PCD in Smart infrastructure management
My research area focuses on the use of computer vision techniques and point cloud data analysis to help infrastructure maintenance personnel better manage the maintenance of our communities. I believe that smart infrastructure management is based on effective analysis of data collected from existing infrastructure, and I will explore and seek valuable ways to achieve it in this area.

Jiashu Hu
PhD Student

Interest: Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Laser Scanning,  Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Digital Twin
Jiashu Hu is currently a Ph.D. student in Construction Management Technology at Purdue University. He has various experience during his career. His Bachelor’s degree is made in Nanjing Forestry University, China on major of Geomatics including 1-year exchange to RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He then obtained his Master’s degree in University of Stuttgart, Germany majoring in Geomatic Engineering. Most of his academic interst and prodessional experience is concentrated in photogrammetry especially 3D reconstruction in practice. During his Ph.D. career, he is supposed to explore how to apply his proficiency in concrete industries as well as their potentials.

Ha Kyun Ju
MS/PhD Student

Interest: Robotics, Automation, 3D Graphics
Ha Kyun Ju, a Graduate Research Assistant, is a graduate student in construction management technology. He has a undergraduate background of mechanical engineering from St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN. Ju’s research interests are automation of construction and facility management via robotics and AI, and 3D graphics.

Miji Lee
Visiting Scholar

Interest: NGOs, Environmental Policies, Electric Vehicles, Solar systems
Miji is interested in the effectiveness of environmental NGOs and voluntary civic associations. She narrows down her research focus and looks into how voluntary civic associations and non-profit organizations raise their voices regarding environmental policies. Currently she focuses on how voluntary local communities, such as Homeowners Associations (HOAs), involve in environmental policies such as Electric Vehicle(EV) Charging Station.  .

Tae Rim Kim
Undergraduate Assistant

Interest: Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Visualization
Tae Rim Kim is an undergraduate Purdue student. Tae Rim Majors in Data Science under the Department of Computer Science. He has participated in various research in the Construction Management department, and was responsible for running various machine learning models, and creating Agent-based simulation models.

Susan Su
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interest: Building Information Modeling, Visual Programming
Susan is an undergraduate student studying at Purdue University. She majors in Web Programming and Design and Building Information Modeling with a minor in Construction Management. She has experience as a intern drafter at Helix Electric. She hope to continue to pursue her career in the construction industry.

Bryan Han
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interest: 3D modeling, Visual Effects, Animation
Bryan Han is an undergraduate student studying at Purdue University majoring animation and visual effect. He is interested in 3d modeling and hope to work in animation and 3d industry

Affiliated Members

Dr.Kibum Kim
Visiting Scholar

Interest: Water supply, (Water) Infrastructure asset management, (Water) Utility business management
Dr. Kim majored in water and wastewater in Environmental Engineering, especially dealing Civil Engineering and Construction Management based water supply and water infrastructure asset management. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Seoul, Republic of Korea. After obtaining his doctorate in 2019, he worked as a research professor at the same university for 3 years. Recently he has been conducting research and advisory activities in Korea government and Korean water association related to water management .

Sungchul Seo
PhD Student (CBNU)

Interest: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Change Order, Risk Analysis
I’m Ph.D. Student in Chungbuk National University. My research aims at improving the productivity of construction projects and maintenance. So, I am studying Computer Vision. I believe that computer vision can change a construction paradigm.

Dahyun Oh
MS Student (CBNU)

Interest: Computer Vision, Object Detection, AI-Crowd System, Infrastructure management
Dahyun is a master’s student in Civil Engineering at Chungbuk National University. Her current research area focuses on leveraging computer vision to achieve infrastructure management through citizen collaboration. She received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.  

Yonghan Kim
Graduate Student (IE)

Interest: Operations research, Machine Learning, Statistical analysis
Hello, my name is Yong Han Kim and I am from South Korea. I am mainly interested in predictive analytics based on using Machine Learning and statistical analysis. I hope I can apply my knowledge to make the world more better in the future. 

Gunkyu Park
CS Undergraduate

Interest: Machine Learning, Data Science/Engineering, Computer Vision
Gunkyu is a senior in Purdue majoring Computer Science and specializing in Machine Intelligence. His current interest is in Data Engineering and Data Platform for ML Engineers. With his experience in Samsung Research, he is planning to pursue a Master’s Degree in relevant field. He is open to any idea or suggestions and is open to discussions on any topic. 


Dr.Kwonsik Song
Visiting Assistant Professor (IUPUI)

Interest: Research interests or topics: Construction Safety, Sustainability, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality
I hold a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in construction engineering and management. My research aims at improving the safety and sustainability of construction projects. To this end, I am applying emerging technologies to the research.

Cheng Peng
Software Developer

Interest: Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Web Development
He received the BS degree in Computer Science and Technology from Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China, in 2019, and the MS degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Indiana, USA, in 2021. His current research focuses on machine learning and the Internet of Things(IoT).

Donghui Chen
Software Developer

A self-motivated Master’s Student in Computer Science with competitive programming skills, CS fundamental knowledge, and Machine Learning background. Proficient in data structures and algorithms. Experienced with full-stack techniques. Excel at learning new things and always keep creative.