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Water Distribution Pipe

The water distribution network is an essential infrastructure that can provide good quality water for human life. In many countries, most water distribution network systems have a variety of defects that negatively affect water quality due to their long service history. Proactive inspection to assess the current defects and conditions of water distribution pipes is a critical effort for establishing the appropriate strategies to keep the water distribution network in the best condition. However, the existing condition assessment using proactive inspection is not only time-consuming work that requires repetitive visual checking but also subjective work as it depends on the opinion of skillful experts.

This project aims to develop multiple platforms of the automatic defect detection system for water distribution pipes based on the computer vision approach to improve the condition assessment process. The proposed platforms can contribute to not only reducing the time and workforce required for the condition assessment process but also enhancing the accuracy of condition assessment. This project will benefit to introduce the technology for smart water facility management in the future.

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